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ANS has been bringing unique excitement to your special occasions for almost 20 years. Currently our order form is under construction. If you are interested in further information or would like to place an order please contact us at 419 292-1322. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Have questions about our services? Check out the FAQ below!

  • What can I say on the caption board?
    • (Currently Under Construction) Please click here to see all of the sayings that will fit on the caption board.
  • What do I actually get when I place an order?
    • You will be renting the sign for 3 days. A 2-sided caption board will be placed on the sign with a saying for your recipient that they can keep. They will also receive a customized greeting card from you. Click here to view an image of all of the items you can order.
  • How long does the sign stay up for?
    • The sign will be placed the day prior to your placement date and be removed after 3 p.m. 2 days after the placement date. For example: if you ordered a sign to be placed on Tuesday. The sign would be delivered on Monday and taken down on Thursday. We place signs Monday through Firday.
  • What if my recipient does not want the sign?
    • If your recipient does not want the sign, we must take the sign down.
  • How does the sign stay up?
    • The sign is placed in the yard with 4 small stakes that anchor the sign into the ground. It takes up minimal space, and does not damage the lawn. If the sign must be placed in an area where there is no room for stakes to be used, we must be notified so that we can set up a sign stand.